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The Divine Face Oil is organic, anti-aging, and hydrating for normal to dry skin. This is a light-weight, fast-absorbing oil. Gently massage four to five drops onto your face twice daily to reenergize and revitalize the skin.


For many, facial oils are a necessity, especially in the winter months, for keeping a clear and glowing complexion. Darmae uses an exclusive blend of natural herbs that hydrate, repair, and protect the skin. Immortelle is an ingredient key to giving Divine Face Oil its anti-aging properties, and a hint of carrot seed will help keep wrinkles at bay. A touch of roman chamomile has proven effective in helping to fight depression and diminish the appearance of scar tissue.


This product does not contain preservatives. Do not expose to water and use within six months of purchase. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If any adverse reaction develops, discontinue use and contact your physician.


REVIEW: “The divine face oil is my personal favorite because of the overall moisture it provides, as well as how it has reduced the appearance of razor bumps after shaving. I’ve simply never used a product like it…. Darmae Essentials is a smart and effective alternative.” Jason Patterson

Divine Face (1 oz.)

  • Our products are shipped within 2-3 business days of receiving payment, either by USPS Priority mail or first class. Please insure that your address is correct before placing your order.

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